Anointed Community Services International, Inc.

Our 501c3 nonprofit organization needed grant funding for our Women's Inspire Network program and I reached out to Ms. Margaret Klutts for help.  I was aware of her grant-writing ability through her work with New Beginnings of Central Florida, a nonprofit transitional house for the homeless.   Margaret agreed to help us and wrote an awesome compelling grant that allowed us to be the first choice of the Women's Giving Alliance with a $10,000 grant award.  I am continually impressed with Margaret's ability to listen to a vision and put it all on paper in such a unique and compelling manner that will secure the assistance of many.  She is truly anointed to write grants and has a true passion to help people.  I would recommend organizations to obtain the services of Seek and Find Grant Solutions as I believe you will successfully obtain any grant that you need.

 ~ Linda Cowels Murray/President ~

New Beginnings of Central Florida, Inc.

Margaret presented New Beginnings with a clear writers anointing when she achieved a 44% return of approval letters during her first year of writing grants for us; which is typically unheard of. She was even approved for large county and government grants on her first attempt, which were included in the total awards of almost $250,000 directly related to her efforts that year. During the second year, she was able to increase the amounts given from previous awards as well as obtaining new grant revenue sources for New Beginnings. Margaret has a heart for helping transform the underprivileged populations, and it's with this passion that she is able to articulate grant verbiages in a moving and compelling manner. I would recommend anyone looking for grant services to strongly consider utilizing her gift in persuasive grant writing.

~ Steve Smith/President ~

The Caring Place located in Cleveland, TN

I’ve worked with Peggy on two grant applications and two program reports over the past year.  Her professionalism is exceptional and is demonstrated by the final documents produced, her grammatical and formatting expertise, and her knowledge of donor expectations.  We were awarded both grants at the requested amount as a further indicator of her work.  I am glad for our efforts together and hope to work with her more in the future. 

~ Dennis Conover ~

~ Director of Operations ~


Find, Feed & Restore

Find, Feed & Restore has utilized Peggy to review and modify our grant as we go into a ground breaking area on how to create housing for homeless families with children. Peggy was instrumental for us and her writing and research had an incredible impact on our ability to win grant funds. Thanks Peggy for your help and insight. I recommend anyone looking to move their organization forward through the competitive grant process to utilize Peggy.       Great things ahead!

 ~Brian K. Broadway/Pastor~

Social Worker

Peggy can turn your words into an undeniable attention getting statement no matter what you are trying to communicate. I have solicited her for my own special projects and referred her to others for professional resume and cover letter writing services.

~ Carla Days ~

~Social Worker for The Caring Place~

Budget & Grant Training

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